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Spinal Manipulative Therapy

Spinal Manipulative Therapy

Dr. Jacobs has been practicing veterinary medicine in the Midland, Michigan area since 1991. Her expertise ranges from small animal internal medicine and diagnostics, pediatric medicine, soft tissue surgery, performance dog nutrition, canine reproduction and veterinary chiropractic with neuro-muscular and joint biomechanics.

Spinal Manipulative Therapy on Dogs


Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapy is a relatively new field for animals – it has only been formally recognized since 1988. It began when Dr. Sharon Willoughby, a veterinarian like Dr. Jacobs who had an interest in working with performance and breeding dogs, began working with others like Dr. Tom Offen to investigate alternatives to pharmaceuticals to help treat animals with back, neck, limb and other issues related to spinal damage.


Dr. Jacobs received her Veterinary Chiropractic degree from the College of Animal Chiropractors – Veterinary Chiropractic Learning Center – Ontario, Canada in 2015. ONLY veterinarians (DVM/VMD) or human chiropractors (DC) can be accepted in colleges for certification in veterinary/animal chiropractic. Monthly written and practical examinations are required with very high scores. Only those with passion and dedication are awarded this degree.