The well-being of you and your pets is our highest priority: COVID-19 Update. Learn More
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The well-being of you and your pets is our highest priority: COVID-19 Update. Learn More
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Performance Dog Medicine

Performance Dog Medicine


Dr. Jacobs has a long history of working with performance dogs and optimizing their nutritional needs.  She spent four years of her life working specifically with canine performance nutrition and wrote Performance Dog Nutrition, which won the Maxwell Award in New York City (click here for order information » – all books are signed by Dr. Jacobs).

She has a history of racing sled dogs for over 25 years which started her interest and love for finding the optimal nutrition protocol for various performance dogs. You can come in and discuss your specific performance dog nutritional issues with her. Whether your dogs love to sled race, hunt, field trial, agility trial, water trial, herding trial, or do conformational work, she may have good recommendations for you to help them perform their best.


Some performance dog owners do not think that their dogs require routine vaccines. This could not be further from the truth. Our performance dogs are exposed to more dogs and different environments than the average house pet, and thus their exposure rate and risk for getting a disease is MUCH higher than non-performance dogs.

In fact, spreading of most “new strains” of viruses such as parvo start at big performance dog events! Viruses are constantly changing so they can “out-smart” humans and continue on with their destruction. Be sure to have your dog up to date on his or her vaccines. Not every vaccine we have available may be required for your performance dog, but our doctors can discuss those which you are at higher risk of forgetting about.

Performance Dog Medicine


Those of us who have performance dogs know that they must be in tip-top shape to compete on a regular basis. We also are working on decreasing our injury time during training so they can compete for their best at each trial. We highly recommend all performance dogs consider veterinary chiropractic care here at our veterinary clinic to keep their back, neck, and joints moving properly.

Dr. Jacobs runs half marathons and even she gets regular chiropractic adjustments to keep her back, hips, and neck in proper alignment so she can run her best at each race. Doesn’t it make sense your dog needs that care as well? Injuries DO happen. No one ever wants them to but they do occur.

Our doctors will discuss medications, cold laser therapies and veterinary chiropractic adjustments in your treatment protocol. We are not the average clinic that just sends you home with medications…medications may help with inflammation, but they can not break down adhesions, readjust vertebra or joints, or increase blood flow to an area that needs to heal quickly. Discuss your pet’s injuries with us and we can help you decide which is the best protocol for your pet.