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Fascia Relaxation Therapy

Fascia Relaxation Therapy

Fascia Relaxation Therapy has been gaining more popularity in the U.S. and, because of the benefits, has been growing very quickly. In other countries, it has been around for much longer. This technique is similar to massage in humans and most people know the benefits associated with massage therapy. Your pets can similarly benefit from Fascia Therapy. Our clients like to add this in with the Spinal Manipulative Therapy for their dog.

Each muscle is surrounded by this thick, opaque looking tissue called fascia. The fascia looks like a saran wrap that covers each muscle and keeps it all together so that one muscle does not interfere with another muscle. When there is chronic pain or tension, this fascia can become tight and squeeze the muscle like someone who has a sponge in their hand and they are squeezing it. This decreases blood flow and nerve impulses to the muscles, and over long periods of time, the muscle is starved for blood, oxygen, and food and becomes stressed.

Fascia Relaxation Therapy gently stretches the fascia layer over the muscle allowing better blood flow, oxygenation, and energy to the muscle fibers, thus making it healthier. This fascia relaxation also allows better nerve conduction of neurological impulses which allows the muscle to move better and transmit signals to other nerve fibers.

Dogs and cats LOVE to have Fascia Relaxation Therapy done to them – many start to fall asleep during the session, lick their lips, and get a relaxed, happy look to their eyes. It takes about 10 minutes to do with a special tool that Dr. Jacobs uses.

The cost is $40 without an exam (fascia treatment only) or $10 when combined with a chiropractic adjustment or vaccine appointment.