New Clients

New Clients

To make sure we have ample time to spend with each and every patient, we recommend our clients make appointments with us.

If you are a new client with Countryside Animal Health Center and would like to Make An Appointment, please complete our online booking form or contact us at 989-695-2200.

Our policy at Countryside Animal Health Center is that if you need to be seen for some type of ailment, we will make every possible attempt to do so that day. You may have a little wait between clients or at the end of routine appointments, but we do everything in our power to see your pet and treat the problem they have as soon as we can.

Pets with emergency or life-threatening needs are considered a top priority. We will do everything possible to stabilize the pet and assure the animal has its needs met quickly. Occasionally, we are faced with an appointment back-up due to a pet emergency. Please rest assured, if your pet is ever faced with an emergency they will receive the highest priority attention to ensure their health and safety.

If we know of an emergency in advance that may need surgery or some other immediate triage treatments, we will attempt to contact those people with appointments that may be affected. We have great veterinarians on staff that may occasionally pitch in and see other’s patients if that veterinarian is in the middle of an emergency procedure.


We also have “drop off” appointments available for those clients who have tight daily schedules. A “drop off” appointment is one where a client may drop off a pet for a few hours and pick them up later. We usually request these appointments be scheduled in the morning and the doctors will be in touch with you via phone or in-office with results of tests, x-rays, etc.


At Countryside Animal Health Center, we try to offer our clients options for their pets. This allows you to choose the treatment best suited to fit your pet’s problems as well as your lifestyle and budget. We understand the emotional turmoil a client may undergo on a fixed or limited income, especially when faced with a pet having a difficult or terminal disease. We want to make your pet as comfortable as possible and assist you in dealing with the situation.