Cats and dogs that are on the “chunky” side (overweight) to participate in a feeding trial of a new veterinary diet for overweight pets! Those people who are interested in having their pets on this diet trial will get:

  1. Free food for their pet for the duration of the study (dogs – 6 weeks and cats – 3 months)
  2. Free blood work
  3. A free examination by a veterinarian. In exchange you only have to: 1. feed the food given and 2. fill out a few questionnaires they have about the food and how your pet likes it.

Contact Us Today To Participate

Countryside Animal Health Center LLC has been chosen by a national and well respected pet food company to have some of their clients participate in this feeding trial of brand new foods for overweight pets. The new foods will be out in 2018 for the general public to purchase.

If you would like to have your “chunky” pet be part of the study, please contact Miranda at our veterinary clinic at 989-695-2200