Jocelynn Jacobs, DVM

Dr. Jacobs is a graduate of Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and owns Countryside Animal Health Center. She has been practicing small animal medicine and surgery in the Midland area since 1991. Dr. Jacobs especially enjoys surgery, pediatrics and canine reproduction.

Dr. Jacobs also is very well known for her expertise in canine reproduction. She is one of very few reproductive veterinarians in the United States who is also a breeder, musher, and trainer herself. She has finished over 25 AKC championships on her dogs to date and obtained some obedience titles as well. In her breed, Alaskan Malamutes, she has owner-handled two of her dogs to AMCA National specialty wins (Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex) as well as won dozens of specialties and sweepstakes wins with many of her other top winning malamutes. Dr. Jacobs is also an AKC conformation judge.

Not only is Dr. Jacobs active with her malamutes, but she has expertise in small animal nutrition in the performance dog and reproductive areas and has published a book that won the Maxwell Award in New York City called Performance Dog Nutrition (

Dr. Jacobs shares her life with her many pet companions. She has 3 Alaskan malamutes named Sha-Boom, Kayla and Chills; a fun-filled Standard Poodle named Levi; 2 Haflinger horses named Gus and JR; a little herd of Alpine and Nigerian Dwarf goats named Daisy, Diamond, Suzy, Dave, Mocha, Peanut and Coco; and a South American Tortoise named Bob (who is a girl, but named by her son, Treven!).



Dr. JACOBS book: Performance Dog Nutrition

Learn about the special needs of your performance dog and how to meet them with a sound nutrition program. An excellent resource for determining what food is best for your dog to enhance working ability. Explains how to read dog food labels and select appropriate food for your dog. Written by a veterinarian who is a long-time breeder and musher.

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