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Our Hospital

To understand a little more about Countryside Animal Health Center, it is good to know our mission statement and understand the four cornerstones of our clinic’s philosophy.


“To provide high quality, compassionate medical care and diagnostics to promote a healthy way of life for our client’s pets.”

The methods to uphold our mission statement include our four cornerstones – that is, how we accomplish our mission statement every day. Our four cornerstones are:


It is extremely important to provide the best quality care and best diagnostics available to animals at our clinic. We do our best and if the animal needs further care or diagnostics that are beyond our medical ability, then it is important to offer the client a referral to the appropriate specialist. We pride ourselves on finding out why animals are sick and to do our best to treat them properly.


We all work together at Countryside Animal Health Center as a team. We all help each other in our daily responsibilities and give each other support. No one individual is more important than another – we all equally share the responsibility of providing high-quality medicine and excellent customer service.


Keeping our facility clean and smelling fresh is paramount. Animals are very sensitive to smells and they can become fearful of certain smells, thus making our jobs as receptionists, technicians, veterinarians, and kennel help much more difficult. Our patients’ owners also are very sensitive to certain sights and smells and respond better to a clean, fresh environment. Having a clean, fresh environment makes our customers more apt to have confidence in us and follow our recommendations, which allows us to provide better quality care for their pets. High-quality equipment that is in proper working order is another important consideration when providing the best diagnostics to our clients and their pets.


It is extremely important to provide high-quality customer service to our clients. It is only when the clients feel comfortable with us and our recommendations that they will follow our recommendations for treatment of their animal. Customers always come first – premium customer service is a very important part of our business.